The ability to act as a fiduciary is an important part of offering a full suite of services to our clients. In July 2013 Thoreson Steffes Trust Company was chartered in the State of North Dakota as the first new private trust company in over 20 years.

We also coordinate with a South Dakota trust company to leverage the unique advantages of South Dakota trust laws including dynasty trusts, beneficiary-friendly directed trustee provisions and freedom from state income taxes.

Whether acting as trustee or as an agent for someone in a fiduciary role, we bring over one hundred years of combined experience in the trust industry, advanced degrees, professional designations and a focus on continuing education. All of which allows us to bring innovative solutions to our clients.

Because families and their goals are our primary focus, we are flexible and creative. The principles on which our company was founded promote long-term relationships, nimble decision making and seamless communication to you and those important to you.

Trust services and solutions provided include:

  • Tax Efficient Wealth Transfer Planning
    • Traditional use of Marital and Credit Trusts
    • CLATs, CRUTs, GRATs (and the rest of the Alphabet)
    • Effective use of Defective Grantor Trusts
    • Filling gaps with Insurance - wealth replacement for illiquid estates
  • Philanthropic Counseling
    • Making a Difference
    • Donor Advised Funds
    • Family Giving and Private Foundations


For more information or any question, please reach out to Kelly Steffes, J.D.